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Our VR space contains many interactive features and is freely accessible with VRChat. It’s also where we do our lectures, workshops and other activities.

🌍 Curious about everything

Cross-referencing different scientific, cultural and spiritual interpretations allows for deeper understanding about oneself and the reality one inhabits. Ideally, not only as interesting exercise of the intellect, but resulting in better living in every sense of the word.


VRM hopes to aid in respectfully bridging the gap between the experiential, the historical, the philosophical and the academic.

❤️ Made with passion

The VR Mystery School started as one-man passion project, but today enjoys generous help and input from the community and its  volunteers.

Thousands of hours have been invested to make the benefits of interacting with this broad range of subjects, ideas and practices more easily accessible, to whomever may be interested.

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by TarotReaderFrog

Historically, spirituality has been a cornerstone of human experience, development and health. This day and age, the voices of the Sages of old are drowned out by many distractions, and polarizing social discourse.


The Virtual Reality Mystery School seeks to (re)connect people with the treasure that is the world’s heritage of “technology for life” and wisdom of all ages, through a sharable VR experience.