Engage the Great Mystery, interactively and socially

VR Mystery School provides high quality resources and social experiences in Virtual Reality regarding personal development, spirituality and mysticism. It tries to strike a sensible balance between the historical, the academical, the philosophical, and personal experience.

This project results from thousands of hours of passionate labor by TarotReaderFrog, the help of a few enthusiastic volunteers, and a small group of generous supporters. This undertaking has had some side products like the YouTube channel and gift shop.

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Take an exciting dive into the world of historical and contemporary spirituality and mysticism, with VR Mystery School creator TarotReaderFrog.

“Spirituality and mysticism have historically been a cornerstone of human experience and development, and it certainly has become a cornerstone of my own. 

While they aren’t going to solve all our problems, spirituality and mysticism might prove to be of tremendous importance for self discovery and actualization, making better social connections and living in greater harmony with nature and the world at large. 

I created VR Mystery School to try and responsibly enable anyone to deepen their engagement with these and other personal development related topics in an exciting way.”


by TarotReaderFrog