Rules & Guidelines
of VR Mystery School

These are the community rules and guidelines of VR Mystery School. They apply on all of our platforms, including VRChat and Discord.

(A) Basic Statutes

  1. The essential considerations of the VRM project and community are:
    1. To make spiritual and mystical heritage accessible and interactive for personal and collective growth.
    2. To provide high-quality facilities, features, and resources for a meaningful personal and social experience rooted in reality.
    3. To cultivate an open environment for self-study, practice, and meaningful exchange in regard to the above.
    4. To maximize common ground between users for the benefit of shared learning and pleasant social interactions
  2. Stance on (mental) health

    1. While the subject matter at the center of the VR Mystery School is concerned with well being, health, self- development and care; nothing offered by VRM can replace professional care.

    2. Our official stance on (complex) mental health issues is that they should be treated, not glorified. And often do not mix well with spirituality and related themes.

    3. There are no health professionals in the VRM staff. VRM therefore cannot and will not facilitate for complex mental health issues, for the safety of everyone involved.

  3. Moderation Policy
    1. The community guidelines are enforced by VRM staff by: (1) Reminder, (2) Warning, (3) Sanction

      In that order. Sanctions may be disputed by messaging

    2. The VR Mystery School administration reserves the right to improvise outside of the guidelines

      when deemed necessary. No rights can be or obtained or derived from this document and its content.

(B) Rules

  1. VRM, its channels and VR space are an 18+ environment.
  2. No distasteful, explicit, harmful or illegal content. Including but not limited to:
    sexually explicit content, graphic violence, pirated downloads
  3. Do not spam, troll or disrupt individuals and ongoing activities in voice, text or VRM VRChat
  4. Self promotion is reserved for VRM (exemptions can be made in coordination with TarotReaderFrog)
  5. Do not proselytize, use VRM to sell products/ideology, or “recruit” people.
  6. Do not promote other VRChat or Discord communities in VRM or its channels
  7. Do not intervene on behalf of banned people (staff can be contacted through

(C) Conduct

  1. Social Conduct
    1. This is not a role play community in any way
    2. Be mindful of basic social conventions and be forthcoming to others.
    3. Be yourself. Leave your magus-itis at the door and refrain from dramatization or embellishment.
    4. Weigh your words. Use recognizable, and everyday terms and language as much as possible when
      participating in discussion.
    5. Don’t use unnecessarily explicit or disturbing language
    6. Do not speak to people or groups on behalf of VRM, this is reserved for staff and appointed users
    7. Do not (try to) channel entities, intelligences etc into our chat sessions or social activities
    8. Do not post sigils publicly unless behind a spoiler and with warning. Only post them in DM with consent.
    9. As extension to the above, give clear  warning when inviting others to VRChat worlds that confront the user with such things.
  2. Context and Unverified Personal Gnosis (UPG)
    Try your best to make things you share (material, information, experiences, UPG) relatable for others in any of the following ways
    1. Give examples how it may relate to things like the broader fields of science, history, (esoteric)
      philosophy, human experience, etc.
    2. Make it clear to others and apply discernment when expounding your UPG
    3. Attach meaningful conclusions and/or questions, to whatever it is you’re sharing.
  3. Do not espouse or advocate dehumanizing and/or extremist ideology. Including but not limited to
    1. Focusing on race, ethnicity, identity, violence, radicalism, supremacy, vilification
    2. Focusing on subversion, subjugation of others
    3. Glorification of harm to self or others, physically or otherwise
    4. Infringement on Natural Law and The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  4. VRM Servers & ‘official’ VRChat instances, other platforms
    1. All community guidelines apply to our Discord, ‘official’ VRM VRChat instances and any other
      platforms where VRM either hosts, or is a guest.
    2. Do not post material, broadcast or use avatars in way that conflicts with the community guidelines
    3. Use the discord channels as intended
  5. Fair Use
    Communities, content creators and other groups or individuals are encouraged to host their own activities using our VR facilities, and may do so on two conditions:
    1. The VRM project must be mentioned with the use of the information board in the lobby, at the start and end of each event/stream/video recording etc taking place, with no exception.
    2. Upon request by VRM staff, documentation of said promotion of VRM is to be provided.

(C) Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

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  1. All rights reserved. No part of VR Mystery School may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in
    any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical
    methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher (TarotReaderFrog), except in the case
    of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by
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