The following services are available for booking, and can be fulfilled in VRChat, or using other communication software. Write to for inquiries and pricing.

🃏 Tarot consultation

Whether you consider Tarot divination to be an exercise of personal reflection, communion with the divine, or something else entirely, it can yield useful insights for making sense of where we come from, where we’re at, and where we are (or should be) going. You decide the length of the session, topic, deck and spread. And together with TarotReaderFrog you will take a deep dive into your inquiry, using the full depth of the Mystical Tarot.

👨‍🏫 Private Tarot lessons

Learn the ins-and-outs of Tarot theory and practice, based on your personal preference and at your own pace. Choose from these and more subject(s) to create your own Tarot adventure: history, divination and spreads, the underlying enlightenment philosophy, applications for personal development, applications in magic, creative & artistic applications, and more.

📊 Esoteric Diagrams & Graphics

Esoteric diagrams at high resolution or vector quality. Replication, by your design, or completely new designs. The result will be a vector that can be down or upscaled and keep its level of detail to perfection. For examples or previous work, visit the VRM content catalogue.

🫂 Workshop & Tour bookings

Philosophy, mysticism, personal development and related practices, when applied sincerely, can have an immediate effect on the harmony between self, other and the environment they share. This can be an interesting angle from which to approach a learning and bonding activity for families, sports teams, companies, friend groups, theater troupes and possibly many others! Private workshops and tours can be picked from the catalog, or tailored to your group and interests.

🌱 Your purchases support VRM

All of the proceedings are reinvested in the project for the benefit of creating more live events and VR, video and other content.