VR Mystery School: Project goals & News of Nov 6th, 2020

Before diving into the news, a quick recap of what this project is about, for new visitors.

Goals and philosophy of the VR Mystery School Project

At the core of the project is the understanding that most of the world’s spiritual traditions have:

  1. (A) A degree of truth and practicality that is common among them, which can be understood through closely studying the material and engaging in the practice.
  2. (B) A great potential to alleviate human suffering, and stimulating (inter)personal development, for every human being on earth.

As someone working in interaction design who’s life has radically changed for the better, thanks to mystical and spiritual philosophy and practice, the VR Mystery School project offers opportunities to realize several ambitions:

  • Create a VR space, in the spirit of traditional and modern mystery schools, dedicated to mystical and esoteric study, discussion and practice, not limited to any one tradition or thought current.
  • Explore the new possibilities that VR offers for the interplay of, social, educational, even mystical principles and experiences. This to be achieved through design-heavy interactions that are made available in the VR space.
  • To offer this VR space as a publicly accessible facility for others, to enrich their community with a new dimension of experience. VRChat allows any users to create a new private or public instance of the world, which facilitates this.
  • Create a monument to all those traditions, cultures and individuals, and the timeless teachings and “technologies for life” they contributed to the world heritage of mystical philosophy and practice.
  • Grow the VR Mystery School community, and in it organize activities that treat the proposed subjects in earnest, and with a mature attitude.

The primary end goal is to be of benefit to the development and betterment of individual visitor, and the in turn collective(s) they are a part of.

Now some news for you, in two flavors.

VRC World news

These points concern the development and updates to the VRChat world.

  • Performance optimizations have been successfully tested and implemented. The world now demands much less from hardware, making the VR Mystery School more accessible more accessible to weaker or more dated systems.
  • I’ve recreated the VR Tarot decks for the latest VRChat version. They have been made available in the library of our VRChat world. Currently only the Rider Waite deck is available, but more deck variations are being worked on.
  • Quest users will be able to enjoy a new version of the VRC in the coming week. The update will allow them to enjoy all features which are currently available to PC users (except for the Video player), and have a better visual experience of the world.
  • From personal research and community recommendations, i have prepared another addition of 15 or so titles to add to the Library, by next Monday. Some of these entries will be in the categories that have so far been under-represented in the library collection. Make sure to pay a visit to find out which they are!

Development is now properly streamlined and volunteers are offering their skills and time to help realize projects. Both of which will lead to more frequent high-impact updates, like completely new features. Look out for more about this in future news updates.

Community news

These points concern the VR Mystery School community.

  • A two-lesson course on Buddhist style Anapanasati & Vippassana meditation is being developed, and will start soon with lessons on a bi-weekly basis.
  • A lecture on Western Occultism and Classical Hermetica is also being developed as we speak, and will be given on a recurring bases, starting soon.
  • Bi-weekly video screenings are back on the agenda, with the first one coming up next Wednesday (Nov 11th 2020). Afterwards, attendees will have a short discussion regarding their thoughts, insights and opinions of the material being screened.

Use the Event Schedule (click here) or join the community chat to stay updated on these and other activities.

by TarotReaderFrog

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