VR Mystery School Newsletter, June 2022

Hello again. Here’s TarotReaderFrog with another newsletter from VR Mystery School.


It’s currently vacation period at VRM, this means that the volunteers and I are taking some time off from some of the usual upkeep tasks. For me personally, working on the project is too much fun to entirely put it aside, so i’m using this vacation period to catch up on some much needed project management and things behind the scenes like documentation, streamlining development and processes, and more things essential to VRM maintaining its course. Did you know the VRM project uses 21 Scrum boards, and over 150 pieces of project related documentation have been made to date? These form the backbone of the day to day operations at VRM for the maintenance of activities and day to day stuff, as well as expansion and innovation. Something worth mentioning is the accomplishment of social media automation, which makes it easier to output news more frequently. You can expect one of these newsletters every month from now on.

VR Space Updates

No updates have been made to the world in the past month. But preparations are made to resume with:

  • The next step in graphical quality for both PC and Quest. Ideally in the form of a graphics-quality setting that visitors can use to tailor their experience
  • The next step in programming and development. With the help of community volunteer Gantzu, optimization, development efficiency and complexity of programming is possible. This opens the door to interesting new world features and entirely new worlds.

Besides these key points, over 30 tasks are still queued for improving the features already present, resolving bugs, and other minor things.


As mentioned, due to the vacation period, not all the usual hosts are present at the usual times. Where possible however, community members have stepped up to host in their stead. After the vacation period, we will hopefully see some more auditorium activities as well.

Thank you, supporters!

Last month, the YouTube channel passed a thousand subscribers, and two new patreon supporters have dedicated to VRM: Nayir and Fyzika. I want to thank them, and the rest of the our patrons for their continued support! Yabestpal_joe, Gaothaire, Skitzodynamic, MetroSaint and Semretta. And a big resounding thank you to our Staff , Volunteers and Discord Moderators for their help! Alias, Rian, Princess heaven, AngelicCharon, Entity, Equanimity, Gantzu, Yabestpal_joe, MetroSaint, Cherry Garcia and MeekComplete.

If you too would like to contribute to the VRM project, you can do so through a one time donation or supporting on patreon. To do so, click the link below. Thank you for your consideration.

Visit Supporter Page

I hope to meet you soon at VR Mystery School. Thanks for reading and regards,


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