VR Mystery School Newsletter, June 2022

It’s been a while since the last news letter, so here is an update.


VR Space Updates

  • Over 100 books were added to the VR library since the last news update, and 30 or so are lined up for the upcoming update.
  • The Vault of the Adepti has been updated and now reflects the original designs by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.
  • This will be accompanied by a renovation of the library which will accommodate for extra space used.
  • General network optimizations should make for a smoother experience.
  • Interactive whiteboards have been created with many useful templates originating from western and eastern esotericism.
  • To learn more about them, come and have a look! There are over 18 diagrams to use, and more made every day.
  • I’ve started making diagrams for the upcoming Hermetic Qabalah lesson series, and also our library.
  • Several finished projects have been added to the library, and will soon be available in the upcoming VRM giftshop in digital (vector) format and as (framed) posters.
  • A new VR Tarot deck has gone into early access (available to supporters)



Several lectures were given at VRM since the last newsletter, all these have been uploaded. More events are coming in the future, to join them, take a look on the website for the event calendar or instructions to join. These videos were most recently published on VRM YouTube channel:

For these and more recordings of our activities, visit the YouTube channel.


The future

As the video introduction says, much more is possible in the future, VRM is only just scratching the surface. It’s truly a dream to pursue all the possibilities to the fullest. To create truly innovative mystical VR spaces and interactions, more involved content made freely available through youtube, and see wherever else the project can be taken. However this is only possible with support from those who would like to see the project grow or share its vision.

If you would like to contribute, you can do so through a one time donation, by becoming a patreon supporter. To do so, click the button below. Thank you for your consideration.


Visit Supporter Page


I hope to meet you soon at VR Mystery School. Thanks for reading and regards,



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